AthenaCLI is a command line interface (CLI) for Athena service that can do auto-completion and syntax highlighting, and is a proud member of the dbcli community.


Quick Start


$ pip install athenacli

You can refer to Install page for more options.


A config file is automatically created at ~/.athenacli/athenaclirc at first launch (run athenacli). See the file itself for a description of all available options.

Below 4 variables are required.

# If you are a user of aws cli, you might want to use some configurations of aws cli,
# please refer to for more infomation.
aws_access_key_id = ''
aws_secret_access_key = ''
region = '' # e.g us-west-2, us-east-1

# Amazon S3 staging directory where query results are stored.
# NOTE: S3 should in the same region as specified above.
# The format is 's3://<your s3 directory path>'
s3_staging_dir = ''

# Name of athena workgroup that you want to use
work_group = '' # e.g. primary

Create a table

$ athenacli -e examples/create_table.sql

You can find examples/create_table.sql here.

Run a query

$ athenacli -e 'select elb_name, request_ip from elb_logs LIMIT 10'


$ athenacli [<database_name>]